Meet Dr. Jed Snatic


Dr. Snatic is the founder of Lifepath Dental and Wellness. It is his passion to keep patients happy, healthy, and enjoying their smiles.

He had an early fascination with medicine and dentistry; he grew up spending much of his time at his grandfather’s medical office and his father’s dental office in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As a teenager, he and his family immigrated to Canada, later returning to the United States to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree. He studied dentistry at the University of Alberta and has been practicing dentistry since 1991.

Dr. Snatic is a husband, father, lifelong learner, entrepreneur, and passionate professional. He prides himself on being able to treat most dental issues under one roof at Lifepath Wellness. He has extensive experience in implant dentistry and orthodontics, including interceptive appliances, standard braces, speed braces, and Invisalign.

He is involved in multiple local charities, committees, and sporting activities. His and his family’s favorite pastime is traveling; and they enjoy downhill skiing, golfing, and water skiing on Chestermere Lake.

He is thankful that Chestermere has embraced him and his family, involving them in community activities and making them part of this wonderful community.

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