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Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth with an artificial tooth root made from titanium metal or ceramic. Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone, and after a healing period, they are fitted with a dental crown or bridge, thereby completing the restoration.


Dental implants are also used for patients who have dentures in order to improve the fit when concerns such as inadequate bone level are causing an improper fit, pain, and irritation of the gum tissues and the need for the use of denture adhesives. Dental implant-supported dentures β€œclip” into the dental implants, providing a more secure fit.

The following are some of the advantages of dental implants:

  • Natural Tooth Appearance
  • Conserves Surrounding Teeth
  • Conserves Bone Density
  • Reliable
  • Permanent & Easy to Care For

The success rate with dental implants is very high. Also, in the long term, there is a greater chance of dental issues related to the teeth used to support a fixed bridge or with accelerated bone loss in denture wearers, causing dentures to fit poorly.

The greatest advantage of implants is that they are permanent. Therefore, unlike a denture or partial denture, it isn’t necessary to remove them at night or worry about eating foods that will make them slip. Also, unlike a bridge, a dental implant can be brushed and flossed like normal teeth.

Are you a good candidate for a Dental Implant?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant, and the best candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease.

Implants can benefit those missing some or all of their teeth. Dental implants can be used individually, or to support a number of dental prostheses, including implant-supported bridges and dentures.

Choosing the right dental implant solution is very important. At Lifepath Wellness Dental, we take the time necessary to fully discuss all of your options and assist you when making the best decision for your needs.

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