Dental Assistant Team

At Lifepath Wellness Dental, our dental assistants are an important part of our team, and they help ensure that the highest quality of care is provided at every visit. Our dental assistants are Intra-oral/Level II dental assistants, who are multi-skilled health care professionals and possess a diverse knowledge base. Our dental assistants are friendly, professional and perform a variety of clinical procedures, including processing x-rays, obtaining preliminary impressions, providing preventative treatments, along with providing dental health education and assisting our dentists with numerous dental procedures.

Dental Assistants also perform preventive and prosthodontic intra-oral procedures as well as post-treatment care. This may include temporary crown placement, preliminary impressions, coronal polishing, dental dams, and fluoride treatments. In addition, our Dental Assistant team provides oral self-care, post-operative care, nutritional counseling and dental health education to patients.

Their skills are constantly evolving as they engage in continuing education to learn about new technologies, procedures, and industry standards. Our dental assistants practice universal precautions and infection control, and their utmost concern is their patients’ well-being and comfort.

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