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Dr. Jed Snatic

Dr. Jed Snatic is the founder of Lifepath Wellness. It is his passion to keep patients happy, healthy and enjoying their smiles.

Dr. Snatic had an early fascination with medicine and dentistry; he grew up spending much of his time at his grandfather’s medical office and his father’s dental office in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As a teenager, he and his family immigrated to Canada, later returning to the United States to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree. He studied dentistry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and has been practicing dentistry since 1991.

Dr. Snatic is a father, lifelong learner, entrepreneur, and passionate professional. He prides himself on being able to treat most dental issues under one roof at Lifepath Wellness. He has extensive experience in implant dentistry and orthodontics, including interceptive appliances, standard braces, speed braces, and Invisalign.

If asked, he will tell you that he has the best staff and dental patients. He is valued for his no-nonsense approach and relatability. Dr. Snatic describes dentistry with words that patients understand, provides quality dentistry, and uses his humor to put his patients at ease. He attends regular continuing education courses to further his knowledge and improve his dental technique and believes in investing in technology, training, staffing, and addressing patient needs at Lifepath Wellness Dental.

Dr. Snatic provides an opportunity for staff development and education and is continuously challenging his team to provide quality care, in a world-class facility, based on prompt, punctual, and same-day service. Through collaboration and the leadership of Dr. Snatic, the team at Lifepath Wellness aims to extend the lifespan of our patients with our dental, medical and wellness services and healthcare education.

Dr. Snatic is happily married to his wife Kerry, who practices family and individual counseling at Lifepath Wellness. Together, they have two beautiful, wonderful, and dynamic daughters. The family is involved in multiple local charities, committees, and sporting activities. Their favorite pastime is traveling; and they enjoy downhill skiing, golfing, and water skiing on Chestermere Lake.

Dr. Snatic is continuously working on new business ventures in Chestermere and the surrounding area. He is thankful that Chestermere has embraced him and his family, involving them in community activities and making them part of this wonderful community. Dr. Snatic frequently travels to his other home in Louisiana and often wonders what life would have been like if his family had never moved to Alberta. Dr. Snatic’s response, “the truth is Alberta has blessed my family and me with a comfortable and abundant life, full of opportunities. I know in my heart and mind that we are in the best place in the world.”

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