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Calgary Family Dentistry

Calgary Family Dentistry

4 Benefits Of Clear Aligners At Calgary Family Dentistry

The latest technology offered at Calgary Family Dentistry is clear aligners. This is an alternative to wire braces. It is designed to straighten teeth easily, without much discomfort. Here's a list of benefits of this new type of teeth-straightening material.

1) No Wires Required for this Procedure

Clear aligners are made of plastic. They are usually clear and designed for a specific patient. The plastic doesn't contain BPA, which stands for bisphenol A. This is an xenoestrogen, which has properties similar to estrogen. Because of this, plastics with BPA pose a health risk. Most clear aligners such as Invisalign don't use BPA. Invisalign is made of polypropylene plastic.

Plastic doesn't affect the mouth as much as wires do. Metal braces irritate the cheeks and gums. They may feel uncomfortable in the mouth. Metal braces are usually made of stainless steel, but could also be made with nickel, titanium, copper, and molybdenum. Brackets are usually glued to the teeth. The newest clear aligners move and align teeth without such invasive techniques and materials. Calgary Family Dentistry uses the best clear aligners.

2) Fix Overcrowding, Crossbite, and Space

Clear aligners can correct many problems in the mouth, including overcrowding. If teeth are too close to each other, plaque accumulates and there's a higher chance of decay. In fact, overcrowding can lead to gum disease. Fixing overcrowding will lower the chance of gum disease and make the teeth appear more healthy and appealing.

Another dental issue solved by clear aligners is spaced teeth. This is the opposite of overcrowding. If there's too much space between teeth, plaque could develop, especially in pockets that form due to the space. The overall risk for mouth disease increases if there's space between teeth. This should be correctly immediately with clear aligners.

Crossbite is another condition that can be corrected with clear aligners. If the upper and lower jaws aren't properly aligned, the teeth could chip and wear prematurely. Bone loss is another concern with crossbite.

3) Eat Food While Using Clear Aligners

One of the biggest benefits of using clear aligners is that you can eat food. The list of foods that you can eat is long. It includes popcorn, chips, carrots, nuts, pizza crust, and pretzels. These foods can be eaten without damaging the aligners.

With traditional braces, you may be limited to certain types of foods. Food tends to get stuck in metal braces. This could be embarrassing, especially if you smile a lot.

Clear aligners are nearly invisible. Some foods may stain the aligners, but with regular bruising and flossing, clear aligners will remain invisible.

4) Up to 2 Hours per Day of Free Time

Clear aligners can be removed for two hours each day. Metal braces are permanently attached to the teeth. Remove the aligners to brush your teeth or floss. You can take a nap without wearing the aligners.

Aligners are designed to move teeth into place. The process can take up to 9 months. The process begins by taking impressions of the teeth. Several sets of aligners are made. Each aligner is worn for two or three weeks. You may also be fitted with a retainer. For more details, contact Calgary Family Dentistry.


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