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Dr. Tyler Rosolowski is one of our lovely doctors at Lifepath Dental and Wellness. He earned his Master’s degree at Griffith University in 2020 and joined our team in March 2022.

Dr. Rosolowski’s foundation of treatment philosophy is an evidence-based practice, as he believes it should be for anyone with a duty of care to another person.

According to Dr. Rosolowski, dentistry is in a state of constant evolution. He believes it’s his responsibility, as a dentist, to ensure patients are cared for in a way that integrates and promotes the latest developments within the field.

Dr. Rosolowski is particularly interested in applying Biomimetics within dentistry. He aims to use conservative techniques alongside cutting-edge materials science to restore a tooth in a way that simulates or mimics the properties of its natural structures, form, and function.

To Dr. Rosolowski, the ideal treatment can provide a patient with their desired outcome while remaining largely unnoticeable, unless they’re asking for a noticeable change.

Dr. Rosolowski says one of the best parts about working as a dentist is the immediacy of treatment. He adds that if a patient sits down in the chair with a toothache, more often than not, they will walk out of the practice free of pain.

Dr. Rosolowski thinks many people underestimate the impact of oral health on their overall health, not just from a physical standpoint but also mentally. One of his favourite parts about his job is getting to work with someone to build – or sometimes even completely restore – their self-confidence.

To Dr. Rosolowski, the impact of a healthy smile really cannot be overstated. It’s incredibly rewarding for him when the work he does, however small, becomes a part of someone’s journey towards a greater sense of physical and mental well-being.

Born and raised in Chestermere, Dr. Rosolowski has always enjoyed spending time out on the lake, no matter the season.

After living in Australia for the past 5 years, he’s grown to appreciate short summers, but also the (at times, bitterly cold) winters, and he tries to get outside as much as he can.

Dr. Rosolowski grew up playing hockey and football, and with the mountains so close, he tries to get out to snowboard at least a couple of times a year.

Dr. Rosolowski is also admittedly a bit of a nerd, and does enjoy learning and just generally keeping his brain busy. Whether it’s technology, movies, music, sports, medicine, health, or just plain science, his interests have always been, and, he imagines, will always be wide-ranging.

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