Dr. Wayne Young, DDS

Dr. Wayne Young

Dr. Wayne Young

Dr. Wayne Young graduated with distinction in 1992 from the University of Alberta, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Science degrees. He won the James McCutcheon Award and Silver Medal for his outstanding academic and clinical achievements.

In the same year after graduation, Dr. Young began practicing dentistry in rural Alberta.  One year later, he opened his first dental clinic in Calgary.  Dr. Young has owned and operated numerous health care clinics and facilities in and around southern Alberta and practices general dentistry; however, the focus of his dentistry is dental implants, oral surgery, extractions, root canals and orthodontics (including Invisalign).

Dr. Young is a director with the Alberta Health Care Steering Committee, which makes health care recommendations to government agencies to better serve the Alberta public. He is a member of many professional associations including the Canadian Dental Association, the Alberta Dental Association, the Calgary District & Dental Association and the California Implant Institute.

Dr. Young’s interests include exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, travel, sports and an entrepreneurial spirit that has him actively involved in many other ventures.

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